TV Commercial Production Company

So, how much does a TV commercial production cost? This is one of the most common questions asked when consulting with our clients, and there is no short answer to this question. A lot of factors go into putting together productions that bring the visions of our clients to life. Each client determines their production cost. But, to give our clients an idea of the average cost, we explain TV commercials can range from $2,500 to $150,000. We understand how frustrating it is to be a small business looking to compete with businesses that already have an established campaign. We tell a lot of our starting up clients with smaller operations to invest in a 30-second TV spot to quiet down the competition. The cost to produce a basic, 30-second commercial (includes text, graphics, free music, and professional voice over) could run as low as $2,500.

Some clients have products with potential for a multi-million dollar turnaround; this is possible with a proper campaign. When working with these clients, we advise that they invest money into 30-second spots. This can turn up the product or business. One could kill competition by creating a 30-second direct response campaign on television, costing between 20k-30k. This would need actors, make-up artists, professional camera crew, studio, director, and other variables.

There are also clients that have a vision and the resources to pay any price to make that vision a reality. The price of a large project can reach up to 150k depending on many variables, such as those attached to the project (celebrity, well-known athlete, influencers, or star director).