Video Production Crews: Reality Show

There are many thought processes that go into producing a Reality TV Show and pitching a concept. The best approach in understanding the cost is to know what the Networks need. The cost to produce a show can range upon the concept of the show. If you want the most cost effective approach, an example would be to choose to have us produce a 3-5 minute sizzle reel. A sizzle reel of your reality show can be filmed in only 2-3 days, because most of the sizzle reel time is based off post production. The cost to put together a 3-5 minute sizzle reel will cost you about 15k depending of course on many different variables.

If a show requires more cameras, a large crew and weeks of filming, this approach will range from $50-100k. One of the simplest ways to determine the cost of a show is to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Once it is sent back, we can get a clear idea and understand the concept of your show. That will allow us to calculate the potential cost for your show and present you with a budget estimate.