Testimonials Video Production

Share the story of your brand

One of the best ways for your brand to connect, build trust and transmit experience with the
audience is by making the protagonist the one who shares their own story. In Somar Films &
Productions we have accompanied and advised brands for over 30 years so that their founders,
members and users are the ones who speak about the company through their own voice and

In our company we care that your business can achieve it, through our engaging and polished
content that allows you to tell an experience of your brand, its history, memories, biography or
talk about an specific product followed by an opinion that will make you achieve that particular
closeness that you have been seeking to with your audience in a more organic and truthful way.

At Somar Films & Productions we offer our clients testimonial videos that are not only
meaningful about their brand but also help them to portray their memories in a direct and honest
way. Also the projects carried out are accompanied by our years of experience in the film
industry so that the result is a production that is defined by its creativity and a cinematographic
look that is followed by marketing materials intended for local or international markets.

If you are thinking of a way in which your brand can get your audience’s attention, testimonial
videos are certainly one of the best ways to accomplish this, your consumers and future clients
will have an approach so that your company is known and remembered in a deeper form but
above all it is accompanied by a small documentary that will share the story of your brand, with
a more human touch. If you want an experience like this, contact us and we will produce your
testimonial video.