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Somar specializes in television commercials, corporate content, and reality shows. Budgets for each specialization vary greatly. Television quality content ranges in price-point from $2,500 to upwards of $150,000 depending on the caliber of talent, gear, and locations desired. For instance, a commercial with exploding Ferraris will significantly increase production costs. However, a basic 30-second commercial with text graphics, common music, and professional voice over could run as low as $2,500. Regardless of the budget, Somar realizes timeless television spots that convert eyeballs into eager consumers.


Similarly, corporate video production budgets depend on the vision of the company, including but not limited to additional talent, graphics, and animation.


Reality shows require not only production value, but a creative team to help build the pitch. Somar eliminates the tendency to overproduce and under deliver by carefully planning key elements in the storyline for a given reality show. Networks prefer these types of cohesive pitches that highlight character and story within our beautifully filmed frame. Somar adds value through both production and insight.

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